Your senior year is a once-in-a-lifetime journey filled with unforgettable memories and milestones. Let’s make every moment count! Senior photos aren’t just snapshots; they’re cherished memories that capture who you are as you transition into adulthood.

At Alissa Dorman Photography, we want you to have the ultimate experience filled with a lot of fun in a supportive atmosphere where you can truly be yourself, ensuring that your confidence shines through in every shot.          

Ready to capture your senior year memories? Contact me today to schedule your personalized photo session at 303-335-9252.


Every Senior session costs $1500

and includes a $1,000 print credit toward your images.

Your session will include:
  • A comprehensive questionnaire to personalize your session.
  • Consultation to discuss your vision and preferences.
  • Outdoor and in-studio sessions with unlimited outfit changes and props.
  • Photos with the four foot tall 2025.
  • The story of your childhood through the story wall (extra charge).
  • An in person review and ordering appointment for selecting your favorite shots.

Your Questionnaire

I ask that before our consultation you fill out the form that I send you telling me a little bit about you so that when you arrive for our consultation I am ready with ideas on how to make your session unique.

Your Consultation

Your consultation is non negotiable.  This is a way for me to meet you and your family and for you to meet me.  I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your session and lets face it, getting in front of the camera for most people is intimidating. Add meeting your photographer for the first time when you have your shoot and it can make for an uncomfortable situation.  

During our consultation I will use your questionnaire as a starting point to brainstorm ideas and listen to all of the things you are wanting so that your session 

Your Sessions

You will have two sessions.  One will be an outdoor shoot and the other will be in my studio.

I find that doing these both back to back is exhausting so I recommend breaking them up into different days, or at least hours apart from each other.  

Your Outdoor Session

Your outdoor session is perfect for your family to attend and in certain locations your furry family members can also attend. We can take a few pictures with the family members that attend. 

I have a few different locations to choose from.
  •  Standley Lake in Westminister
  • South Mesa Trailhead in Boulder
  • Eldorado State Park in Boulder
  • Botanical Gardens in Denver
  • Or we can discuss going to your favorite local spot

This is a perfect time to take photos of you with your car, bike, other outdoor props or with one of my 14 foot long flying dresses.

You can bring as many outfits as you would like as I have a popup tent that you can use to change.

This session will take between two and three hours.

Your Studio Session

When we get into my studio in Broomfield this is a more relaxed setting.  Of course family members are invited but this is a perfect time to invite your friends and hang out, we can get snacks or pizza and have some fun.  

During this session we will get creative. We will take pictures of all of your favorite things, we can use the fog machine, get we will take pictures with the four foot tall 2025 sign, you with your friends and if you choose we will do a story wall for you. 

There is unlimited clothing changes and unlimited props during this shoot.

This session will take up to three hours depending on how much we need to photograph.  

The Story Wall

Your senior year marks the end of your childhood and the start of the rest of your life as an adult. This is a unique way to tell the story of your childhood.  From your parents favorite outfit while you were an infant, to your favorite toys, books, activities and sports growing up, to pictures of family members that mean the most to you and the arts and crafts you did as a child.  Anything that means something to you I encourage you to bring to photograph with in the story wall.  

This requires you to bring all of these objects over to my studio at least one to two days in advance so that it can be set up before you arrive.  

The story wall is an extra charge of $250 and includes one extra photo for your album.

Your viewing and ordering appointment

This appointment can be done right after your studio appointment or the next day. 

We will review all of the photos from both your studio shoot and your outdoor session.  

This is when you can look at all of the products that are offered and we can create the perfect album for you.  

Products and Pricing

With all of the photos you will have to choose from I recommend purchasing an album.  You can choose from one of the packages or make your own.



Behind the Scenes

Take a glimpse at what you can expect