At Alissa Dorman Photography I strive to create an environment that you will feel safe and confident. I want to capture the essence of who you are. I want you to shine, and create memories that will continue on for generations to come.

I had the most incredible experience with Alissa for my senior photoshoot, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. From start to finish, Alissa was the epitome of professionalism, kindness, and a genuine passion for her craft that truly sets her apart. Alissa's warm and friendly demeanor immediately put me at ease, making the entire photoshoot process not only enjoyable but also memorable. She took the time to listen attentively to my ideas and preferences, ensuring that every shot reflected my personality and vision. I was in the driver's seat with Alissa making sure everything ran smoothly. Alissa made the entire experience feel personalized and special. My final pictures are reflections of my vision that Alissa crafted into this world. What truly sets Alissa apart is her incredible talent and skill behind the lens. Each photograph she captured was nothing short of breathtaking, showcasing her remarkable ability to turn moments into works of art. Every shot was excellent, it was nothing short of that. Alissa has a keen eye for detail and her creativity knows no bounds. She effortlessly transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary photographs is truly awe-inspiring. Without hesitation, I would give Alissa a perfect 10/10 rating and recommend her to anyone in need of photography services. Whether it's for senior portraits, headshots, or any other memorable thing that needs capturing, Alissa is the only one you need. I couldn't have been more satisfied with her work. Thank you, Alissa, for capturing such priceless memories—I am beyond grateful for your incredible work!
HS Senior